Tartan2CV launch new Scotland’s Artists website

The overall aim for our new website was to improve the experience when visiting and buying from the Scotland’s Artists website.  Put simply, we wanted to delight our customers.

We’re always listening to our customers and knew that making it even easier to find products was important. Whether it’s an artist, a size, a style or even a title that interests our visitors, we’ve added the tools that are needed.  It’s now easy to find a needle in a haystack!

We also wanted to make it even easier to get help.  The telephone or email doesn’t suit everyone or every occasion so we’ve now added chat and message facility.  We look forward to chatting to some of you!

We’ve also improved our processes for customers that have bought our products.  Our aim is to keep you better informed on the progress of your order. 

If we succeed in delighting you we hope you’ll find time to leave a review – yes, we’ve added ‘reviews’ to the website too.

We’ve done a lot more besides which we hope will make visiting Scotland’s Artists more interesting and enjoyable.

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