NEW for Summer 2022

Selecting new artwork for the Scotland’s Artists range is always a joyous experience. At this time of year, it can be especially uplifting.  Looking at the artists landscapes and seascapes is like taking a virtual tour around Scotland’s finest scenery.

Have a look at Brian Petrie’s beautiful and bold acrylic paintings of Loch Fyne and Sky or Davy Brown’s dreamy Summer Fields.  There’s something wild about Dronma’s South Uist Evening and equally warm in Ed Hunter’s painting of Seil Island.  These are just a few examples.

If Scottish cities and culture are on your shopping list, then we’d suggest a look at Nikki Monaghan’s vibrant roofscapes of Glasgow and Edinburgh or the ever popular Tim Cockburn’s take on a Highland Wedding and Church Hall Ceilidh.

You can find all these greeting cards (standard and large size) in the New Products section of our website or by visiting the Artists page where you can browse the full range of artwork by artist.

It may feel a little early to be thinking of Christmas and 2023 but our range wouldn’t be complete without the 2023 Scotland’s Artists Wall Calendar and Christmas cards and card packs.

You’ve 17 large format luxury Christmas cards to choose from this year with new arworks from best-selling artists including Deborah Phillips, Gordon Wilson and Ritchie Collins. Each card pack contains 6 cards and quality red envelopes, wrapped in a cello bag with a Christmas label.

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